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PVC-u Windows

Vintage, contemporary, modest, flamboyant...however your home looks, however you feel about it, there is a vast array of PVC-U windows doors and roofline products to suit any character.

But your choice doesn't end with the style of the window frames. Take a look at the range of finishes avilable. As well as sparkling brilliant white, you can also choose from an attractive range of woodgrains or even, for that special look, a combination of white inside with woodgrain out.

They style of opening is a part of a window's character as well as its functionality. For example, sash or casement windows can maintain or enhance the traditional appearance of a home without sacrificing the convenience of modern opening and security mechanisms. Alternately tilt/turn mechanisms offer modern features such as the ability of the tilt mode to allow fresh air in without allowing intruder access or the facility of being able to clean the exterior glass indoors.

Security is on everyone's agenda nowadays, wherever they may live. A top quality PVC-U window will already offer considerably more security than traditional materials such as timber.

But any professional installation company will also be glad to advise on specialised features to enhance security even further.

Also why not add to the individuality of your home with ornamental glass. Choose from Georgian bars, decorative leading or even colours or bevelled glass.

With just a little thought and creative flair, the choices are infinite.

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Window Security

PVC-U Windows are an effective line of defence against intruders. High security comes as standard with all our products, with features and accessories to repel all but the most determined and professional intruder. Ffor even higher security, specialised features can often be included on request.

Windows and doors should not make your home look like a fortress they should add character and style to your home, either complementing its existing appearance or making a statement in their own right - the choice is yours.